Most Common


Flavor and Aroma: A warm spice with notes of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon with peppery overtones gives every dish a comforting feeling

Uses:Very Versatile Spice used in sweet and savory dishes, Jerk Seasoning, Barbecue Sauce, it adds a unique sweet and spice depth of flavor, Sausage Mixtures, Caribbean Soups, Stews and Curries

Pairings: caraway, clove and tarragon


Flavor and Aroma: Has a fennel, a faint licorice taste and slightly acid note

Uses: Alternative to sugar in breads and Biscotti, On Fish and Seafood, Tuna Salad

Pairings: caraway, clove and tarragon


Flavor and Aroma: Basil has a peppery, clove like notes. Fresh basil is Aromatic Sweet and Savory

Uses: When cooking with Fresh add at the end. Pesto, Pasta Sauce, Dried basil is great for grilling and searing because when it chars it still has great flavor, fresh tends to become bitter. Dressings and Marinades. Basil Infused olive oil over vegatables

Pairings: Cilantro, Fennel, and rosemary


Flavor and Aroma: Dried Bay leaves do not have much aroma, but when infused in water, broths, sauces and marinades there is flavor there. A subtle black pepper mint flavor.

Uses: in soups, stews, meat, seafood, vegetable, rice dishes, and sauces. Some Jerk Chicken recipes.The leaves also flavor many classic French dishes such as Bechamel Sauce

Safety: most recipes that use bay leaves will recommend their removal after the cooking process has finished.